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What is the Adventure Park?

The Adventure Park Gordola is an acrobatic park hanging in the air and integrated in the sport area in Gordola (Centro sportivo Gordola).

By means of installed cables and wooden and roped air platforms, the Park allows the visitors to undertake a route among trees in all safety, where balance, concentration, coordination and partly strength are indispensable.

The Adventure Park makes,adults, young people and children reconnect with nature, escape from daily life and feel the sense of adventure and happiness of spending time with friends and the family, by suggesting new forms of fun and entertainment which are natural and eco-friendly in all safety.

Adventure Park were proud to gain certification from the "Safety in Adventure" (2005-2010). and from the "Swiss TS". Member of ERCA(EU),

66 games
1000 m hung among the trees
8 levels of difficulty
1 route with yellow
1 route with orange
1 easy route green
1 medium route light blue
1 medium route blue
1 difficult route red
1 demanding route black
1 demanding route black PLUS
14 tyroliennes
1 mega tyrolienne (150m)
1 bar

The Adventure Park is all this... We are waiting for you!